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Guns, drugs and cash seized after driver allegedly cuts off Transit Police vehicle

And the moral of the story is don’t cut off a police officer.

Transit police say they confiscated a handgun, a quantity of drugs, cash, four cell phones and another replica handgun and arrested two suspects Thursday, all because of a driving faux pas.

The two suspects were allegedly in a vehicle that cut-off two Transit Police officers who were on their way to Surrey Central SkyTrain Station.

Not impressed by the reckless action, the officers checked the license plate of the vehicle and learned that it was uninsured.

Police followed the car to a parking lot and confronted the driver.

Officers allege they had a clear view of the drugs, cash and cell phones in the car and began a search – which uncovered a 9 mm handgun found between the seats.

A second vehicle, parked right beside the suspects, was also searched and a replica handgun was found.

Austin Lopez, 19, was arrested and charged with possession of drugs and possession of a weapon with a tampered serial number.

Mathew Eakin, 21, is charged with possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

Transit police say both of the accused are previously known to police.

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