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Gangnam Style gets the Peter Chao touch

Vancouver’s YouTube sensation Peter Chao has caved to the Gangnam craze — his take on Korean rapper Psy’s viral hit has earned more than 1.1 million hits in just the last three days.

The controversial comedian, who has become an Internet phenomenon with his “Chinese Guy” videos and uncensored riffs on racial stereotypes and pop culture, released a parody music video of Gangnam Style Friday.

Chao, whose YouTube channel has more than 735,000 subscribers and more than 167 million views, said that Canton Style is his best music video parody to date.


“Canton style is a way of life,” Chao, 25, who was in L.A. for a “super secret project” told Metro by email Monday. “Especially in Vancouver, where Chinese people are taking over and claiming their dominance.”

In the video, Chao can be seen doing the popular horse-riding dance inside an Aquabus and along different locations in Chinatown.

“I wasn’t even going to do a Gangnam Style parody but I was watching all these parodies and just shaking my head,” he said, adding he tried to fit every Chinese stereotype he found funny into it. “So it was time to acknowledge the high volume of demands for Peter Chao to show them how it’s done and it’s confirmed by me, the best was definitely saved for last.”

Chao said he’s not one to hold back and just wants people to have a good laugh.

“I always speak my mind and I think that trait separates me from the rest of the YouTube community,” he said, adding he’s open to criticism, both good and bad. “It all goes back to being fearless.”

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