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Transit Police increase presence this week after Surrey SkyTrain bomb scare

Expect to see stronger Transit Police presence on TransLink routes through the first half of the week in the wake of a “dangerous explosive” found on the Expo Line in Surrey Friday.

Transit Police spokesperson Anne Drennan said there is still no motive or suspect tied to the makeshift bomb found at about 3 p.m. on the guideway between Scott Road and Gateway stations.

“We still don’t know how the device got up onto the guide way next to tracks,” Drennan said Sunday.

The bomb could not have been thrown from the train, she added, and investigators are also attempting to narrow down a timeline of when it was placed on the guideway.

Drennan also said the possibility of installing more cameras and signage will be discussed.

Officers have also checked social media sites to see if there’s someone who had made any threats or bragged about being responsible for the bomb, but found nothing so far.

Officers will also continue with sweeps of all stations, bus loops, and terminals as well as canvassing of businesses and residences in the Surrey area.

This is no easy feat, Drennan said, because officers are dealing with 133.5 kilometres of track, 57 stations, three dedicated bridges and three tunnels with the Expo, Millennium and Canada lines.

Drennan also noted that there was no reduction in ridership over the weekend despite Friday’s bomb scare.

Hours after finding the explosive, another suspicious package was found at Metrotown station. Police determined it was just a piece of PVC drainage pipe.

Police shut down Main Street SkyTrain station for about half an hour Saturday after yet another suspicious package was found that turned out to be a handbag with a watch attached to the outside of the purse.

Drennan said video surveillance showed that a domestic dispute the previous morning that led to the purse ending up on the tracks.

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