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Vancouver police warn about thefts from vehicles during holiday shopping

While you’re shopping for presents this holiday season, Vancouver police warn that thieves may be helping themselves to presents from your vehicle.

There have been almost 7,500 thefts from vehicles in Vancouver this year alone.

The number that has decreased compared to previous years, but police say it is still too high.

“Anytime you leave valuables unattended in your vehicle they’re at risk of being stolen,” said Detective Phillip Ens of the VPD auto crime enforcement unit.

“There’s a common misperception that gifts are safe in the trunk.”

According to Canadian Direct Insurance (CDI), the most commonly stolen items include laptops, GPS systems, iPods, stereo equipment, loose change and insurance papers.

“Your car can get robbed in less than a minute,” said Colin Brown, chief operating officer of CDI.

“So a quick stop at the store gives thieves ample time to make their move.”

Certain parking lots have a “Safer Parking Award,” which means they are safer than average lots, and often report a zero crime rate month-to-month.

The VPD, who sponsor the Safer Parking Initiative, are encouraging shoppers to park in these lots.

Theft from vehicles has almost been cut in half since 2007 when the initiative began.

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