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Ohly Moly! Bernese mountain dog rescued after two weeks on Seymour

Ohly, a two-year-old Bernese mountain dog that went missing on Mount Seymour two weeks ago, was reunited with his family Saturday.

The dog’s owner Steve Goad said Ohly was so happy to be home he slept in bed with him and his wife Alyssa Saturday night, something he usually never does.

The dog also refused to go outside even when nature called.

“He’s doing well,” said Goad. “He’s got a bit of a fever but otherwise he’s alright.”

The search for Ohly began after he ran from a Mount Seymour parking lot Nov. 25 North Shore Rescue got involved Thursday.

Goad said that he never lost faith that his dog would be rescued, aside from one moment when Ohly was stuck in a steep area called ‘suicide gully’ that search and rescue helicopters couldn’t get to. Luckily the dog turned around uphill and was able to be saved.

“I’d always believed we’d get him back,” said Goad.  “I was out there looking for him everyday.”

Goad joined a team of seven ground rescuers Saturday morning who were joined later by a helicopter rescue team.

When Ohly climbed up from the gully, rescuers were able to get a hold of his collar and pull him to safety.

North Shore Rescue estimates the cost of Ohly’s rescue at about $7,000 due to the fact that they used a helicopter. The organization decided to rescue the dog because of risk of having untrained searchers entering the dangerous terrain Ohly was lost in.

The Goads are asking that people donate any amount they can.

“It’d be great if people could help out.”

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