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Maple Ridge, B.C. firm creates invisibility cloak

Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility may not be just a fictional wizard’s garment anymore, according to a local camouflage expert.

Maple Ridge-based HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. has claimed to have developed a fabric that creates an illusion of invisibility by bending light around a person or object.

The fabric is being called “Quantum Stealth.”

Guy Cramer, President and CEO of HyperStealth, said that there have been similar inventions over the years but his is the only one with a 360-degree view.

He said he isn’t able to discuss details or do demonstrations of Quantum Stealth for security reasons, but claims several military groups in Canada and the U.S. have expressed interest.

“We’ve also got a countermeasure for the device to be able to detect it,” said Cramer.

“It [costs] about $100 to $200 per soldier which is about what their uniforms are costing them right now.”

Only mockup photos are currently available to the general public.

Colin Worth, a recently retired RCMP officer, said he went to Ottawa with Cramer to demonstrate Quantum Stealth in front of the Canadian Armed Forces.

“I don't have a vested interest in the company or the technology, but I've seen it work,” said Worth.

“The stumbling block last time I talked to Guy was how does he make it big enough and how does he make it portable enough to work in a real life situation?”

Worth said that he signed a secrecy and confidentiality agreement so he isn’t able to give any details, but said “stuff just seems to disappear. It’s weird the way it works but it does work.”

Bill Jarvis, a retired Navy Seal, also said he has seen the fabric work at U.S. Military Command meetings.

Cramer said that he would consider marketing Quantum Stealth to the general public only if the military allowed him to do so.

He hasn’t been approached by any Harry Potter fans yet.

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