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Trust fund set up for struggling family of hit-and-run victim

The husband of hit-and-run victim Leonida Tumanda says he’s worried about the future of their youngest daughter.

Nilo Tumanda’s main concern is finding someone to help care for his four-year-old daughter Anessa when he goes back to work.

“She also still doesn’t understand when I tried to explain that her mother is gone,” Tumanda said Thursday. “She seems to understand but after a while she’ll ask again, “When will she come back?”

He also hopes that the responsible person comes forward so their family can get closure.

The 43-year-old mother was struck at East 43rd and Prince Edward Street on the night of Dec. 2. Police investigation is still ongoing.

Tumanda also said that during the public viewing Wednesday, his daughter did something special for her mom.

“She drew a picture of circles with a line so it looks like it’s crying so she could give it to her mom to make her mom happy,” he told Metro.

The couple met at a friend’s birthday party and wed in 2007.

The victim’s father, Epitacio Jimenez, arrived from the Philippines a few days after the incident.

Jiminez said Tumanda — the second youngest of seven children — was a very caring daughter, who texts or calls almost everyday to check in and sends money to help her family back home.

“This is two times now that I’ve been given a very big burden and hardship to bear,” Jimenez said through an interpreter. ““We are asking for justice.”

His wife passed away in October.

A trust fund has been set up for the family at TD Bank. The branch number is 9466 and the account number is 6345314.

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