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World’s rarest chocolate comes to Vancouver's Hot Chocolate Festival

Call it the “Jurassic Park” of chocolate stories.

Thierry’s on Alberni Street will be serving hot chocolate made from maranon, the world’s rarest chocolate, during Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival, on now until Valentine’s Day.

Thought to be extinct for 94 years, the cacao beans that produce maranon chocolate were rediscovered in 2007 purely by chance by two American businessmen sourcing fruit in the jungles of Peru. The chocolate is now grown on Fair Trade, organic farms in Peru.

Maranon is extremely creamy since only cacao butter is added in its preparation. Soy lecithin is what is usually used in chocolate preparation.

It is also very rich.

“Fragrant, fruity but not overpowering,” Chef Thierry Busset said, describing the taste. “I find the flavour to be perfectly balanced.”

In addition to the hot chocolate ($9.75 a mug), Thierry will be serving maranon chocolate-dipped madeleines and pure maranon chocolate bars.

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