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First North American Parkour Championships in Vancouver

Some of North America's most daring stunt performers will descend on Vancouver Saturday to ascend numerous obstacles at breakneck speeds in the hopes of winning the first ever North American Parkour Championships.

Origins Parkour and Athletic Facility, which opened in September, has invited the most talented parkour athletes from around the continent to their Main Street gym, which resembles a rooftop cityscape.

About 25 competitors have qualified to participate in the event, which includes two timed speed courses, three skill challenges and a two-on-two freestyle battle tournament.

"They're pretty elite contenders," said Tom Coppola, one of the organizers and coaches at Origins.

"They've been practicing their sport for a number of years and they've been honing their talents for movement over obstacles, for expressing themselves creatively."

Among the competitors are Brian Orosco, who once competed in TV's American Ninja Warrior, Dylan Baker from Colorado parkour gym Apex Movement, and Montreal's Mich Todorovic, who is known for his commercial performance work.

Tickets are $10 at the gym, which is located at 2655 Main St. on the third floor, and the doors open at 5:30 p.m.

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