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Calling all hipsters: Casting on for The Real Hipsters of Vancouver

Hipster might not be a job, if the B.C. government is to be believed, but it might just be a career.

A casting call posted on Craigslist Sunday for a new reality show called The Real Hipsters of Vancouver has caught the attention of three producers and two production companies — including one in L.A. — in addition to the national media.

Creators and producers Britt Irvin, 28, and Jesse Haddock, 26, came up with the concept a few months ago after concurring that their circle of friends is far more interesting than anything they've seen on Vancouver's most notorious reality show.

"We started thinking this is much grittier and more interesting than watching wealthy people fight on TV: seeing struggling artists and what they go through and the underground parties that they attend, and the vintage clothing they wear that has become, sort of, hip all of a sudden," Irvin told Metro Tuesday.

Irvin, an actor, and Haddock, a model, are looking for six or seven cast members who are "cutting-edge, likeable, interesting, and outrageous", and also possibly "hateable."

"It's going to make the Real Housewives look like a church potluck," Irvin said.

"It's going to be more drama, more crazy, and it's going to be fuelled by a lot more alcohol and a lot less tact." (If that's even possible.)

Aspiring stars of the show are encouraged to make a five-minute tape that shows as much of their personality as possible.

"We'd like to see basically what the person's job is or dream is," Irvin explained, "what pisses them off, where they like to hang out, who they hang out with, what kind of music do they like, what kind of clothes do they like to wear."

The gig is paid but it is unclear how much as production details are still being negotiated. Audition tapes must be submitted by March 18. For details, visit

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