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Vancouver park board wants to make Dude Chilling Park legit

Dude, where’s my park?

Vancouver’s park board wants to find a home for the “Dude Chilling Park” sign that became an Internet sensation after it mysteriously appeared at a Mount Pleasant park in November.

Though city officials removed the near-perfect imitation of an official city sign from Guelph Park at E 7th Avenue and Brunswick Street after it came to their attention, park board chair Sarah Blyth will put forward a motion to find it a permanent place in light of the public response.

“It’s fun, and people are talking about it,” Blyth said. “It gives personality to the city.”

Google even renamed the park on its maps, Blyth added, though the company has since removed the shout out.

The park board has received numerous calls, emails and letters with ideas for what to do with the sign, including putting it in an unnamed park near Commercial Drive or displaying it as public art.

More than 1,750 people signed an online petition to rename the park – an option that could also be on the table.

“People get a good feeling when they see it,” Blyth said. “People in Vancouver are pretty chill, so for some reason it reflects the people in some way.”

Another possibility is for the park to have two official names, she added. Pigeon Park, another city park that recently grabbed headlines regarding gentrification in the Downtown Eastside, actually has two names and is officially called Pioneer Place.

Vancouverites are encouraged to attend park board Monday night to weigh in on what to do with the sign, which currently resides at park board headquarters.

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