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'Anarchist' strikes again, this time stealing Save-On Meats sign

An apparent anarchist campaign of petty thefts and vandalism is not over: Save-On Meats is the latest Vancouver business to be targeted after it had its sign stolen this week.

"The act was meant to let the gentrifiers know that they have entered an area with a long history of class warfare," reads a blog post on the website

It's the same website on which someone claimed responsibility last week for repeatedly smashing the windows of a Commercial Drive pizzeria, causing thousands of dollars in damage, as well as several City of Vancouver vehicles.

"The ghetto revolt will not stop until every capitalist enterprise has ceased to destroy daily life. This small action is one facet among many. It is a symbol of the slow and deliberate disassembly of the capitalist machine."

Save-On Meats owner Mark Brand said "it's easy to sling insults and threats, but those are just hollow."

"You've stolen from us, and that's really not OK, and the people from our community who eat at that sandwich window every day, using tokens or not, which we're redeeming 80 to 120 of every day right now, they're mad," he said, "and so I'd be amazed if you saw any sort of daylight activity against us, because the neighbourhood eats there all day and they wouldn't stand for it."

Police have contacted Brand but he has yet to contact them back to file a report because he's not sure whether he wants to get them involved.

"If it gets returned I'll be super happy," he said.

VPD spokesman Randy Fincham said police are keeping an eye on businesses in the Downtown Eastside that have been named on the anarchist blog, including Pidgin, which has been met with protests since opening next to Pigeon Park, and also businesses on Commercial Drive.

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