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Video captures Vancouver scooter driver being hit by 99 B-Line

A 23-year-old scooter driver has released shocking video of himself being hit by a city bus that he alleges was trying to beat a stale yellow light at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Cambie on Tuesday afternoon.

Mark Jarder was westbound on Broadway turning left onto Cambie when the eastbound bus tried to make it through the light on Broadway.

You can see at the 1:02 mark of the video that the light had already turned red before the 99 B-Line sent Jarder flying, but it is not clear if the light was red when the bus entered the intersection.

“It didn’t register that I was about to be hit by a bus,” Jarder said of the moments before the crash.

“The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘wow, I’m flying,’ and at that point everything went into slow motion.”

Jarder says he suffered second-degree road rash and has to undergo more tests on Friday to find out the extent of his internal injuries.

“I can’t laugh and I can’t really cough,” he said.

“I should be dead. If the bus hit me dead on, for sure I would be really mangled or messed up.”

He said he had just purchased a GoPro camera on Monday and mounted it on his helmet in hopes that it would deter drivers from following him too closely.

He said his $2,000 scooter is totalled, and he had to take the rest of the week off work to recover.

He has filed reports with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), ICBC, and has left a voicemail with TransLink’s claims department.

Vancouver Police Department spokesman Const. Brian Montague said the traffic section has reviewed the tape extensively and spoken to witnesses and still does not have enough evidence to decide whether a ticket should be issued to the bus driver or to Jarder.

He said officers are going to try to obtain surveillance video from the bus to see if the light was red or yellow when the bus entered the intersection.

If it was red, he said, the bus driver was in the wrong, but if it was yellow, Jarder should have yielded to the oncoming traffic and made his turn afterward.

“If you’re committed and in the intersection and the light turns a solid red before you can make that turn, you can still make that turn because you’re already committed and have entered the intersection,” he explained.

“It’s also just smart to yield to oncoming traffic.”

If the bus driver is found liable for the accident, ICBC will cover the damage to Jarder’s scooter, but if Jarder is found to be liable, he will be out of pocket.

TransLink spokesman Derek Zabel said the bus driver has not been reprimanded because the investigation is still underway. He said incidents like this are rare, although TransLink recorded 775 preventable accidents last year.

“Safety is our number one priority, and I know for operators safety is paramount for them, but of course, just like every person out there, operators are human, they all make mistakes.”

Zabel explained that TransLink has a policy to retrain drivers if they run a red light and it is their first offence to make sure that they haven’t developed bad habits.

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