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Video: Animal rights protester allegedly assaulted outside Cloverdale Rodeo

WARNING: The video contains content that may be extremely offensive to viewers.

Surrey RCMP are investigating an alleged assault after an animal rights protester posted a video of her being allegedly racially abused and physically assaulted by a woman outside the Cloverdale Rodeo.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. on Saturday, as the victim was about to get into her car after protesting the rodeo.

The video, posted on YouTube under the title “Can anyone identify her??”, shows a woman wearing a black hoodie and white-rimmed sunglasses approach a cell phone camera in the middle of an ongoing altercation.

During the 48-second clip, the unidentified suspect is heard making several rude comments about the protesters’ race while the victim records the exchange and says “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer”.

A second woman, wearing a blue T-shirt, enters the frame and tries to lead the suspect away.

But the suspect then turns around and seems to spit at the protester before allegedly assaulting her just as the video cuts out.

But there’s more to the incident than the video shows, according to police.

Surrey RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Bert Paquet says the victim alleges she was then pulled to the ground (by her hair) as two other suspects – a male and female – joined in the assault.

The victim was treated for minor injuries.

RCMP hope the video – which was released on the victim’s own accord – helps investigators identify the suspects involved and encourages any witnesses to come forward.

Investigators are also trying to determine whether racism was a contributing factor in the assault.

“The racial component in the verbal exchange between the two is a concern for us,” said Paquet. “We’re looking at all the possible contributing factors.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

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