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Saucy Science World ads cause international stir

An audacious ad campaign promoting an exhibit on The Science of Sexuality at Vancouver's Science World has gotten a rise out of media outlets around the world.

One of the ads features a woman in a leg cast lying with her legs spread and a man on top of her, with a factoid below explaining "Orgasms kill pain." Another displays numerous balls of wadded up tissues and reads "Ejaculation fights colds."

Since BuzzFeed featured the series on its website last Friday the story has spread to the U.S., India, France, New Zealand and Mexico.

"It's awesome," said Science World marketing assistant Andre Coronado, who worked on the campaign with award-winning ad agency Rethink.

"I guess we're pretty well known here in the Lower Mainland, I would like to say, but just getting the international attention, even from people that speak different languages from around the world, that's really what we like."

Coronado said he knew from the outset the campaign would push boundaries, and sure enough two of the three ads were banned from local bus stops, where Science World often advertises its exhibits.

But he said he doesn't mind, because Science World is happy just to be able to use the cheeky ads online.Science World

"We just wanted to kind of show off the personality of Science World in the sense that we're really serious about our science facts, but we also want to make science fun and engaging."

The Science of Sexuality exhibit is geared at youth ages 12 and up and covers subjects such as puberty, attraction, seduction, desire and intimacy in a sex-positive way. It runs until Sept. 2.

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