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PNE sneak peek: Crocodile burgers, Bhangra dancing and Genghis Khan (oh my!)

White picket fences got their last coat of paint, stuffed Smurfs were hung from the rafters, farm animals moved into their stalls and food vendors made last-minute trips to Costco.

It’s PNE time, folks, and crews are hard at work making sure the grounds are ready by the time the gates open on Saturday.

And there are many new attractions for 2013, as Metro saw on a Thursday tour. Here are some highlights:

Hungry for crocodile?

Gourmet Burgers, a new vendor this year, is serving up crocodile, kangaroo, camel and wild boar burgers along with (slightly more traditional) venison patties.

If you’re a fan of deep fried fare, don’t miss out on the new deep fried green beans – they almost count as a vegetable for weight-conscious fairgoers. Classics such as Hunky Bill’s Perogies and mini donuts are also on the menu.


If artifacts, ancient swords and intricate costumes are your thing, check out the exhibit dedicated to the life and times of Genghis Khan, the fear-inspiring leader of the Mongolian Empire.

It’s the first time the exhibit, which has been seen by more than a million people around the world in places such as Singapore and Chicago, is on display in Canada.

Bhangra dancing

First came the Times of India Film Awards, and now, the PNE’s first South Asian day.

Singers, dancers, musicians and break-dancers will perform three shows at the community showcase stage on Aug. 31. It’s part of the fair’s bid to attract crowds interested in more than food and rides.

Lower prices

PNE attendance has dropped since the recession and its centennial in 2010, so organizers have lowered prices to entice larger crowds.

Adults pay $16 at the gate instead of $20 and kids 13 and under get in for free. Parking fees are also down to $16 from $20.

In order to save cash, the fair, which runs from Aug. 17 to Sept. 2, will not open the first two Mondays.

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