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Update: Gregor Robertson confirms federal Liberals, NDP tried to recruit him

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson confirmed rumours Tuesday that both the federal Liberals and NDP have tried to recruit him to run for their parties in 2015 — but repeated his common refrain that he's not interested.

"Both the federal Liberals and the NDP have informally raised the idea of serving at different levels of government, but I have been clear that I will be running for a third term as mayor next year," he said in an email to Metro.

"My focus is on continuing our important progress at City Hall, on issues such as tackling housing affordability and homelessness, improving transit, and growing Vancouver's economy."

He tried to sidestep the question earlier in the day at a press conference, which was the first he has held since some media reported on Aug.29 that he had been approached by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

"Did any of those conversations take place with Tom Mulcair or Justin Trudeau?" he was asked Tuesday morning.

"No, not directly," he told reporters.

"...I think Justin Trudeau asked the entire [Federation of Canadian Municipalities] audience if they'd run for federal politics, and it's always been a source locally for candidates for federal and provincial [politics], so they're always pitching it and that's part of the deal."

He said he has no particular ideas about what he wants to do after civic politics.

"I haven't been thinking about it, no," he said, " background's in business, so long term I had always assumed I'd be back in business, so I don't go there."

Robertson confirmed he has not been a member of any political party than Vision since taking the mayor's chair in 2008.

"People can rumour and speculate about all this, that's part of politics," he said, "but I stay focused on my job."

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