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Giant six-metre chandelier to dangle beneath Vancouver's Granville Bridge

Granville Street Bridge, you’re gonna be lookin’ awful purty in a few years.

A 4-by-6-metre spinning chandelier designed by Abbotsford-born artist Rodney Graham will be installed under the Granville Street Bridge in the next few years as part of the Vancouver House development by the Westbank Projects Corporation.

It’s to be made of faux-crystal and modeled after an 18th century candelabra. It will hang in the “cathedral-like” space under the northern viaduct, directly over Beach Avenue.

The chandelier is being made to slowly rotate as it ascends and once per day it will release, spinning rapidly and descending back to its starting point.

While the chandelier itself isn’t going to be brought to life for a good while, renderings and concept drawings will be on display as part of the Gesamtkunstwerk exhibit opening March 22 at 1400 Howe St.

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