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Vancouver newbie will pay you to find him a job

Finding a job sucks.

There’s hundreds of other qualified applicants to compete with, virtually making it a crapshoot every time someone drops off a resume or clicks “Submit” on the ever-increasing presence of online job applications.

Couple that with being new in town where you don’t know anyone to nudge you in the right direction and you’re in Robbie Cooke’s position.

“Well, I moved out to Vancouver late last year and I knew that the job market wasn’t amazing out here, but I didn’t know it would be this bad,” Cooke said. “I heard some places will get thousands of responses or applicants, so one day I figured why not take a different approach.”

It was in his most dire moment that Cooke had an idea. Instead of going to a traditional headhunter, he went to the biggest headhunter of them all – the Internet.

That’s right, Cooke started a website called simply

In a town where no one knows his name, he’s hoping this will bridge the gap and land him a better job than traditional outlets would.

“Most of my friends have gotten jobs through someone they know,” Cooke said. “Yet out here I don’t know many people. But everyone loves money, so I thought I could pay someone to help me find a good job.”

Cooke is offering 10 per cent of his initial starting salary to the person who helps him set up an interview and land a job. That means if he gets $60,000 a year, the person who introduced him would score $6,000 – after the probation period ends.

Since setting up the website on Saturday, March 15, Cooke said he’s received two offers for interviews, but nothing is official yet.

Cooke’s skills are mostly focused on marketing, but he says he’s open to different options.

“I wouldn’t turn down any good opportunities,” he said. “I’m pretty open right now.”

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