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Vancouver Green Party doesn’t support Broadway subway

The Vancouver Green Party isn’t onboard the plan to build a $3-billion subway along Broadway to UBC.

The party announced Monday it believes the money could be used to fund a “fairer, smarter” system, even though the city’s transportation plan and the mayors’ council chose the subway as the best way to move people along one of North America’s busiest bus routes.

Coun. Adriane Carr points out that the regional plan only calls for a $2-billion underground line from VCC-Clark Station to Arbutus. She speculates that fees from development along the Broadway corridor would be needed to fund the rest of the line to the university.

“There will be a real push for high-rise centres like Metrotown, Brentwood and Oakridge at subway stops, because the higher the density, the more money the city will get,” Carr said in a statement.

Both Vision Vancouver and the NPA support the subway, whereas COPE would also prefer to spend the money elsewhere.

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