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B.C. Chief Justice orders mother to stop contacting son's hockey coaches, NHL officials

A chief judge has taken the unusual step of ordering a mother whose sons are junior hockey stars in the Vancouver area to stop contacting her son's coaches and National Hockey League officials.

B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Chris Hinkson granted the restraining court order at the request of the boy's father, who told the court that his two hockey-playing sons were embarrassed by their mother sending emails to their coaches, school principals and others.

The court was told that the mother has sent hundreds of emails to people involved in her sons' hockey teams in the past and has caused commotions at their hockey games, including assaulting one son’s coach.

The court was also told that the mother does not approve of the involvement of Mike Babcock, the coach of the Detroit Redwings Hockey team, and sent an e-mail earlier this year to 13 people at the Detroit Redwings NHL hockey team.

(Editor’s note: After this story originally ran, the father contacted Metro to explain that Babcock, a family friend, visited and offered support to one of the boys who was going through cancer treatment.)

The father's evidence was that he was told by Vancouver Giants hockey team coach Don Hay and Giants majority owner Ron Toigo that because of the mother’s behaviour, they picked other players for their team and not the oldest of the two sons, who now is 17.

Professional hockey coach Shane Kuss, who received almost daily emails from the mother in 2010, decided that the same son was not welcome to join the spring team in 2010 because of the “emails and the anxiety that they cause both in our home and at the rink are just too much to manage,” the court was told.

The judge concluded the mother's conduct was harassing and embarrassing to her children.

Hinkson ordered the mother to have no direct or indirect communication with any third parties involved in the care of her children, including their principals, teachers, and others involved in their education and school sports programs, and to have no contact with the children's coaches, team managers, trainers and others involved in their extra-curricular sports programs.

The judge also ordered the mother to have no communication with the administrators of the Kootenay Ice Hockey League, the Western Hockey League, the National Hockey League, their agents, employees and representatives.

The order arose from a divorce case, where the mother has repeatedly tried to vary a 2008 court order that granted the father sole custody of his three kids.

The father has allowed the mother access to the children and the judge decided not to stop the mother from contacting the father to inquire about the kids or arrange access.

But the judge decided to limit the mother's contact to twice a week by email and that each email not exceed 200 words and not contain any email attachments.

The judge also granted an injunction against the mother to prevent her from filing any new legal actions in B.C. Supreme Court without first obtaining court approval.

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