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Peregrine falcon soars to victory in Vancouver city bird election

The Peregrine Falcon will rule as Vancouver’s official city bird in 2016 after garnering the most votes in the second annual city bird contest.

The falcon, which can reach speeds of up to 320 km/h when it dives for its prey, beat the Western Grebe, the Barn Swallow and the Barn Owl in the online election to draw attention to rare birds that were once abundant in B.C.

The falcon received 43 per cent of the votes with 115,164 ballots cast in its favour. That’s more than 31,000 votes more than Mayor Gregor Robertson received to win his third term in the November 2014 civic election.

Indeed, the bird election received 85,967 more overall votes than the civic election. But the politicians shouldn’t feel too badly – people could vote as many times as they liked in the city bird election.

The falcon will be featured in promotional images for bird week in 2016. The park board’s goal is to raise awareness of the importance of birds in an urban environment.

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