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Vancouver students Feed The 5000 with recovered food

Volunteers and culinary students came together to feed a free lunch to over 5,000 people outside the Vancouver Art Gallery Wednesday, with the aim of educating folks on how to waste less food.

Chef Don Guthro, of North Shore Culinary School, cooked up the idea for the event, the first of its kind in Canada. Students from the school prepared enough food for 5,500 people, using food that was soon to be thrown out by various farms, grocery stores and restaurants in and around Vancouver.

“Recovered food doesn’t mean dumpster diving,” said Len Balmes the manager of operations at North Shore Culinary School. “Food is being thrown away because it doesn’t fit the mold of what’s a perfect vegetable, what’s a perfect fruit,” said Balmes.

According to Kelly Hodgins a student from Guelph University and a volunteer with the Feeding The 5000 event, research has shown that on a household level, most Canadians are wasting 4.5 kilograms of food per week. “64 per cent of that waste is avoidable, and that comes down to our own poor planning and lack of knowledge,” said Hodgins, who was dishing out tips and tricks for keeping food longer.

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