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New Year's Resolutions: Chef Vikram Vij says 2017 'a time to broaden our minds'

Metro asked Vancouver public figures for their resolutions for 2017 — and what keeps them hopeful after a year panned by many as a bit of a write-off.

Vikram Vij

Contributed/Vij's Restaurant

Vikram Vij

Ahead of New Year's Day, Metro asked several Vancouver artists and public figures for some of their resolutions for 2017 — and what keeps them hopeful after a year that's been panned by many as a bit of a write-off.

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Here's what celebrated local chef, restauranteur, and former Dragon's Den judge Vikram Vij — owner of Vij's Restaurant, Rangoli, Vij's Railway Express food truck, and My Shanti in the greater Vancouver region — wanted to share with Metro's readers.

Metro: What are your New Years resolutions — both personal and for the world?

Vikram Vij: For me personally I want to expand my own horizons some more — I think that’s something we should all do, especially after such a challenging year. I want to travel more, meet more people, learn about more cultures and countries different from my own. It would be wonderful if we could all challenge ourselves to do that. This isn’t a time to build barriers — it’s a time to broaden our minds.

Any advice you may have for people who want to make things better but feel discouraged in today's context?

There is always hope — in the midst of chaos, there are always people helping, singing, praying, fighting the good fight. Be a helper. Be a singer. And you know what? Something that always brings people together is FOOD. Make a meal for friends, for strangers. It will make everyone feel happier.

What gives you hope for next year?

Our lives are a gift, and I love seeing my daughters live their own lives now; watching the progress they’re making in the world. They give me hope. The world will be ok in the hands of all our children if we did our best.

How will you be celebrating New Year's?
I’ll be at My Shanti, our restaurant in South Surrey. We’ll be open until late, and I’ll be there along with our team and our amazing customers, to spend New Year’s Eve together.

What is your favourite celebratory social food for occasions like New Year's?

It would be a family-style Indian buffet. And all digging in together having a great bottle — not a glass! — of fantastic B.C. wine!

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