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Splashdown Park to return June 2017 as Big Splash Water Slide Park

Executive Hotels and Resorts is renovating the park for the upcoming summer

Splashdown Park opened in Tsawwassen more than 30 years ago.

Splashdown Park/Facebook

Splashdown Park opened in Tsawwassen more than 30 years ago.

Waterpark enthusiasts in the Lower Mainland can rest easy because last summer’s goodbye to Splashdown Park was not a goodbye forever.

The Tsawwassen water park will open June 2017 as Big Splash Water Slide Park, a waterpark run by Executive Hotels and Resorts. The company signed a 99-year lease with the landowners and are renovating the seven-acre park for the upcoming summer.

It was exciting news for Splashdown’s general manager, who is now the manager of Big Splash.

“It was definitely a surprise for me. Because I thought I was done, I was ready to move on to the next adventure,” said Harold Frederiks.

“I’ve been steering the splashdown ship for over 16 years and now we’re on an exciting new course.”

The 33-year old park is getting a facelift that includes refurbished waterslides, another hot tub, an espresso and gelato bar and a sports bar.

Those changes will be ready for opening day but an expansion is in the works for 2018 and Executive Hotels and Resorts plan to build a hotel in 2019, according to Frederiks. There are also plans to create a ‘Shop ‘n Slide’ program with the Twassan Mills mall next door.

It’s a big change from what it used to look like, said Frederiks, who recalled the days when there was only a paintball field and go-kart track in the area. 

“It’s pretty exciting with the new development that’s going on and for Executive Hotels and Resorts to really step up – it will make this a top attraction again.”

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