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Park Board plans to restore historical salmon stream on Vancouver’s West Side

If approved, the proposal would see the stream through Tatlow and Volunteer parks re-established to help manage rainwater and support biodiversity.

An rendered drawing of Volunteer Park in Kitsilano with a re-established stream and beach access.

Photo illustration by landscape architect Paul Sangha

An rendered drawing of Volunteer Park in Kitsilano with a re-established stream and beach access.

In an effort to bring back biodiversity and to better manage Vancouver’s rainwater, the Vancouver Park Board is considering a plan to restore a historical stream through Volunteer and Tatlow parks on the city’s West Side.

Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe said there’s a sense of excitement from public and Kitsilano residents over the plan which aims to re-connect the stream to English Bay and include a pathway for the public to have access to the beach.

“There’s an aging population in the area that would love to have access to the beach,” said Wiebe. “So to have a pathway for people to get down is something people have requested. … We’re excited about it.”

Park Board:

Currently the proposals are going through public consultation and board approval will be determined this summer.

“Our goal is to have it built by next year,” he said. “How the actual final design goes – there are a few things we still have to work on, like figuring out where the water sources come from and how that’s going to work.”

Wiebe said projects as such these can be difficult because it’s hard to find funding. Luckily for this project, the board received a private donation from a local resident.

“It’s very expensive to do this type of project, but because of the private donations that we have and the will of the board, which is pushing biodiversity and pushing wilding ,I think we’re going to see more of these types of projects move forward,” he said.

The Park Board is working on similar projects, including creating a new salt water marsh on the east side of New Brighton Park in East Vancouver.

Volunteer Park off Point Grey Road in Kitsilano.


Volunteer Park off Point Grey Road in Kitsilano.

“It’s just exciting that we’re going to get to do this more and more in the city of Vancouver. We’re excited that we already have three streams that have salmon that come right into the centre in the city of Vancouver, we want to continue to work to give more,” said Wiebe.

The current salmon streams in Vancouver are Still Creek, Hastings Creek and the Musqueam Creek.

If approved, restoring the stream is expected to start next summer.

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