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City of Vancouver reviews options after court refuses tent city injunction

VANCOUVER — The City of Vancouver says it is considering its options following a judge's decision not to grant an injunction that could permit removal of a tent encampment on the city's Downtown Eastside.

A news release from the city says keeping the tent city at 950 Main St. threatens the future of an affordable housing project on the same site.

City officials say there are tight timelines to complete the 26-unit project, and any delays could risk funding already arranged by the group planning to operate the facility.

The release says the city agrees a lack of affordable housing around Vancouver is a critical challenge.

It also says outreach workers have managed to find shelter for three campers and hope to do the same for others.

About 30 people have defied an eviction order issued late last month, which prompted the city's failed effort to obtain an injunction.

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