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Vancouver police to walk in 2017 pride parade

About 20 per cent of police officers walking in the parade will wear uniform – the others will wear T-shirts.

The Vancouver Pride Parade is scheduled for August 2017.

Jennifer Gauthier/Metro

The Vancouver Pride Parade is scheduled for August 2017.

Vancouver police will walk in Vancouver’s Pride Parade this summer after reaching an agreement with the Vancouver Pride Society, the police announced Thursday.

They had two petitions to consider in its decision – one asked that police not participate in the parade, and the other asked that police be included.

Vancouver police and pride parade organizers agreed that 20 per cent of the police contingent will wear uniform and the rest will wear t-shirts.

In addition, there will be no marked police vehicles in the parade.

The announcement comes five months after Toronto pride parade organizers banned uniformed police officers from walking in that city’s 2017 pride parade. That city’s police force has said it will not participate in the parade as a result.

This will be the 21st consecutive year Vancouver police have participated in the Vancouver Pride Parade. 

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