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Declining salmon spawn six-day caravan, parade

Costume-painting Sunday readies for Wild Salmon Caravan kick-off Oct. 7

A musician in a previous year’s Wild Salmon Caravan parade in B.C.

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A musician in a previous year’s Wild Salmon Caravan parade in B.C.

A salmon-saving vision that spawned four years ago in the headwaters of the Fraser River is once again making its annual migration home to the Adams River near Shuswap Lake.

Inspired by history-altering “caravans” led by previous generations of Indigenous leaders fighting for their rights and land, the third Wild Salmon Caravan will set out Oct. 7 from Vancouver for its six-day journey along B.C.’s iconic sockeye route.

This Sunday, Vancouverites can help prepare for the festive, family-friendly celebration of B.C.’s most iconic fish — one that’s fed people of the region for millennia. The Caravan’s co-leader Dawn Morrison, with the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty, said the event is both a celebration and a wake-up call.

“We’ve been witnessing rapidly declining numbers of salmon coming home to spawn,” the Secwepemc nation member said in a phone interview. “This Caravan is shaping up to be a lovely response from people of all creeds to show the world how much we love wild salmon.

“Wild salmon provide a
powerful metaphor in responding with strength and resilience; their life story is
really amazing. But they’re struggling right now and need us as
humans to give of ourselves how they’ve given to us so generously over thousands of years.”

The Caravan starts 10 a.m. Oct. 7 with a Rainbow Parade from the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre (1607 E. Hastings St.) on Coast Salish territories, then stops in Chilliwack on Sto:lo territories and Kamloops, Chase and the Adams River in Secwepemc lands.

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