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Slow down in dangerous driving months ahead: B.C. authorities

Oct. - Dec. most dangerous months to drive to work

B.C. authorities are asking drivers to use caution in the wintery months ahead.

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B.C. authorities are asking drivers to use caution in the wintery months ahead.

Authorities are asking B.C. drivers to slow down on the road this season as last year's fall season saw a 10 per cent increase in car crashes where speed was a factor.

There were 626 casusalty crashes from October to December 2016, compared to 570 during the same time period in 2015, according to WorkSafeBC.

For those who drive for work, those three months are the most dangerous on the road, the organization said in a press release. Almost 30 per cent of all claims from work-related crashes happen during the fall months.

But December 2016 was especially bad, with 38 per cent more claims than December 2015.

Starting October 1, drivers are required to equip their vehicles with winter tires for most B.C. highways.

“I encourage all drivers to keep themselves, and others who use the road, safe in the wintry months ahead. Anything a driver can do to prevent an accident from occurring, whether it’s by slowing down, abiding by road signs, or being a little more present while driving, will help to keep more people safe," said Minister of Labour Harry Bains.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the roads this season.

1. Check conditions: If road conditions are bad, postpone your trip if possible

2. Plan: Look up the safest route, and give yourself extra time to ensure you don't rush

3. Prepare: Switch to winter tires and keep an emergency kit in the vehicle

4. Slow down: Maintain at least four seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you

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