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Bike theft on Granville Island down 70 per cent

Bicycle valet service and increased policing has turned around the one-time Vancouver bike theft hotspot.

The public market on Granville Island.

Jennifer Gauthier/Metro / Metro Web Upload

The public market on Granville Island.

Granville Island is no longer Vancouver’s top bike theft hotspot.

The popular destination for locals and tourists alike held that dubious distinction up to the summer of 2015, where there were more than 120 reported bicycle thefts from May to September.

But the Granville Island Bicycle Culture and Security Program – a collaboration between the island, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department, Project 529 and Better Environmentally Sound Transportation – says it has managed to reduce bike thefts by 70 per cent in the two years since.

“The reduction in bicycle theft over the past two years, and the positive impact our efforts have had on the cycling community, speak to the success of Granville Island’s program,” said VPD Const. Rob Brunt in a statement.

The program involves a free and monitored bicycle storage and valet services that runs seven days a week from June 26 to Oct. 1 each year.

The island says more than 11,000 bikes were parked with the service this summer.

More than 900 cyclists that visit Granville Island also registered their bicycles on the online anti-theft portal Project 529.

Police also stepped up their use of bait bikes in the area and signs were put up encouraging people to better secure their bikes and make them aware of bicycle parking spots.

As a result, reported bike thefts dropped to just over 60 in the summer of 2016 and dipped below 40 this year.

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