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Is Metro Vancouver's HQ a haunted hot spot?

Paranormal rumours surround the building housing Metro and the Whitecaps. Graveyard-shift security guards, however, aren't spooked.

The ghost of Metro Vancouver’s 1905 building, The Landing? (Actually, a passerby).

David P. Ball / Metro

The ghost of Metro Vancouver’s 1905 building, The Landing? (Actually, a passerby).

To report news, Metro reporters sometimes work late shifts (especially election or game nights).

So imagine learning a ghost could be haunting Metro’s offices at night. The Landing — home to Metro, the Whitecaps, and other companies — at 375 Water St. does have a 112-year history.

According to Greg Mansfield, author of Ghosts of Vancouver: 32 Haunted Places, graveyard-shift security guards here have seen a woman in a white dress walk from ground-floor elevators to the windows facing the sea.

“There, she stops and looks out to the harbour, then vanishes,” he writes. “Is she looking out in anticipation of an incoming ship? Or is she merely enjoying the view? All that’s known is the senior security guards at The Landing talk the junior ones into working their graveyard shifts for fear of seeing the white lady.”

One recently hired security staffer hadn’t heard of the tale, but was skeptical.
But a four-year veteran said he doesn't "want to know" if his work is haunted.

"I always go around after midnight; I haven't seen anything," he said. "I get goosebumps when I can feel things — some places I've been where I've felt it. Not here."

Built in 1905, the building housed a warehouse supplying gold miners passing through.

The fourth edition of Mansfield’s book was released earlier this month as an e-book available for download on Amazon.

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