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Tasty pastries at Panidor Bakery

Panidor Bakery brings European style bread and pastry to Mt. Pleasant.

Panidor Bakery, 3830 Main St., in Vancouver.

Abby Wiseman/Metro / Metro Web Upload

Panidor Bakery, 3830 Main St., in Vancouver.

Panidor Bakery is the new bakery on the block on Main Street. It doesn’t ascribe to the mason jar aesthetic that Mt. Pleasant is loved for, but what it does ascribe to is great baguette and croquembouche that will make your bouche very happy.

Located at 3080 Main St., Panidor is a large space with a loft balcony perfect for quiet conversation or – if you are like me – getting work done. The space is warm with a very vivid canvas mural of a lavender field stretching the length of the service desk.

The baker is Mario Armitano, who also owns La Baguette et L’Echalote on Granville Island. The café is stocked with old world European-style bread, French patisserie and sandwiches served on your choice of bread.

I started with the Genoa Salami and Prosciutto sandwich ($8.95), topped with red onion and gherkins, served on baguette. The first thing I noticed is the absence of condiments on this sandwich. I momentarily yearned for mustard and mayo, but I decided to give it a try. Within a few bites I wasn’t missing the sauces that would’ve covered up the light saltiness of the prosciutto or the mild sour taste of the sourdough. So, I actually appreciate the dry sandwich.

The baguette at Panidor is something to savour. I took a loaf home and highly recommend you splurge on some grass fed butter and enjoy.

Then I moved on to three treats. A beautiful cinnamon brioche ($3.69) that was flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. The cinnamon had a very true flavour not obscured by too much sugar or butter. A light drizzle of vanilla glaze topped the bun, but again did not overpower in sweetness. This is no Cinnabon, it’s better.

Next up was the Coffee Eclair ($3.69). Soft pastry stuffed to the max with coffee custard with a hint of vanilla. This was not a shy choice and the cream was once again wonderfully sweet and creamy without being too heavy.

Last was the Croquembouche ($3.89). The most fun dessert to say and eat. Four vanilla custard filled pastry balls were stacked one on top of the other, held together with hardened caramelized sugar. This was the stand out for me. The perfectly caramelized sugar contrasted the soft vanilla custard, adding texture and beautiful caramel flavour.

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