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Vancouver's Bin 4 isn't your average burger joint

Granville Street's burger lounge serves up unique burgers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Vancouver’s Bin 4 Burger Lounge has a burger for just about everyone.

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Vancouver’s Bin 4 Burger Lounge has a burger for just about everyone.

Burgers are given a bad rap for being the plight of the obesity problem across North America. I don’t think burgers are to blame, it’s really the sides of fries that are the culprit.

I consider myself a burger connoisseur, so I had to try Bin 4 Burger Lounge at 2996 Granville St. This is a Victoria transplant with three locations already on the Island.

The burger list is extensive with everything from beef, lamb, chicken and bison on the menu. There are vegetarian options as well.

I start with the Dirty Bourbon burger ($15) with beef from 63 Acres, onion ring, pork and chorizo, red onion and pepper, chipotle bourbon bbq sauce, chipotle aioli and tomato - just to keep it healthy. I took the burger down with a side of deep fried pickles.

This thing is loaded. The chorizo and pork acted like a sloppy joe, packing this burger with meat. The aroma of chipotle really fires up the taste buds and the kick of spice is balanced with onion sweetness and creamy mayo.

The deep fried pickles were sliced, lightly battered and fried. They were good and spicy, but I paired them with jalapeño aioli for an extra kick. They were best when I let them cool for a moment.

Next up was “The Bistro” ($15) with Rossdown Farms chicken, bacon, double cream brie cheese, balsamic onion jam, garlic aioli and tomato.

Chicken burgers can be hit or miss and this one passed the test. Juicy chicken, and the onion jam and smoky bacon was herbal and earthy. I paired it with a truffle aioli that really worked. It was definitely on the creamier side, but the bun could handle it. A nice choice.

I ended with Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake ($7), which is a fall feature item. Served in a bowl with a graham cracker crust, pumpkin spice cheesecake and topped with mini marshmallows gently toasted. The cheesecake was on the sweet side, but there was no denying the pumpkin spice mixed nicely with the graham cracker crust. Quite a treat.

The space has a slight upscale White Spot vibe with booths lining the walls and bright lighting. It’s not cool, and a little corporate, but feels like the kind of place you can grab a burger and drink at after a day of shopping.

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