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Food notes: Meet at the Meatery in North Vancouver

Butcher-slash-sandwich shop serves fresh broth and tasty sandwiches in Lonsdale

Pork belly sandwich from The Meatery.

Abby Wiseman / For Metro

Pork belly sandwich from The Meatery.

The beauty of living in Vancouver is that if you need to get out of the city you can take a magical boat called the SeaBus and you are transported, within minutes, to a different place with a different pace – Lonsdale.

I needed to take a city break this week, so I decided to traverse the Burrard Inlet and try out Lonsdale’s new sandwich shop, The Meatery.

Owned by Windsor Meats, The Meatery (135 Lonsdale Ave.) doubles as a butcher shop, so you can have your sandwich and take home something fresh for dinner.

I started with the poultry bone broth ($3), which was very clean and simple, without too much oil resting on top. I’m ruined by salty broths and kept waiting for the taste of sodium to hit my mouth, but it didn’t come because this is real deal broth.

This broth would nice for a little aprés ski warm up, or cold elixir or just as a base for a homemade soup.

Next I munched on the Roasted Pork Belly sandwich ($11) served on a soft ciabatta bun with hot italian sausage, crackling, parmesan cheese, pesto and greens. The sandwich was super tasty, but the pork belly and parm was lost in the pesto and the spicy italian sausage. Some of the crackling was on the chewy side, rather than crispy.

I loved the flavour of the sandwich, but I’m not sure if it accomplished being a pork belly sandwich and perhaps could be called something else.

Last I tried the Montreal Smoked Meat (MSM) sandwich ($11). This MSM sandwich is a variation of the classic with Biota Jalapeno Sauerkraut, swiss cheese and what they call “Vancouver Island Sauce,” which is kind of like a 1000 Island.

The meat itself was delicious, tender and juicy, with nice smokey flavours. I love the Biota Jalapeno Sauerkraut – Biota is actually a local kombucha shop – with its spicy yet tangy flavours, like a spicy relish. The sandwich was worth stopping by for and served as a super hearty brunch.

I enjoyed The Meatery for the care they put into the product by not over salting it or packing too much into the sandwich. I would definitely stop by again next time I need to escape and sail the sea.

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