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B.C. wants to catch drivers who run red lights with better cameras

Province says 10,500 vehicles are recorded every year speeding 30 km above the speed limit through intersections

Eduardo Lima / Metro

The B.C. government is promising to get tougher on drivers who speed through red lights by upgrading the existing cameras at accident-prone intersections.

The province is promising to upgrade the red light cameras at these intersections to "identify and ticket the fastest vehicles."

It's part of the government's effort to crack down on bad drivers in an attempt to put the brakes on the Insurance Corporation of B.C.'s stunning financial losses: the public auto insurer is expected to post a loss of $1.3 billion this April.

The province says signs will warn drivers that the new system is in place at certain intersections.

An average of 84 crashes happen every year at intersections that already have red light cameras installed, and 10,500 vehicles are recorded travelling 30 km above the posted speed limit at the intersections every year.

Photo radar, a system in place in the province until 2001, proved deeply unpopular with drivers, and the government is taking pains to say the new plan is different: "(Photo radar) used unmarked vans in random locations, issued tickets at low speeding thresholds and tied up police resources with two officers staffing each van," according to a government release

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