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Discovery Island closed due to wolf

Discovery Island is temporarily blocked off from tourists after a wolf took up residence in the 61 ha park.

The B.C. Ministry of Environment closed the Discovery Island Marine Provincial Park to the public on Monday to allow conservation officers to trap the wild canine.

Officials don't know where it came from or why it's there, but the wolf has been living on the island for at least two weeks.

The island is void of any small mammals or lakes and there is continued concern amongst officers the wolf is running out of fresh water and food.

Conservation officers have so far failed to trap the animal with modified cougar traps and now they're hoping leg traps will do the trick.

When caught, the wolf will be transported it to a more suitable location.

BC Parks says the wolf hasn't acted aggressively toward campers and it is not a risk to public safety.

However, the ministry is advising the public to avoid any contact with the animal so it doesn't become habituated to people.

How campers can avoid a wolf encounter

  • Keep your children close and don't allow them to play away from camp
  • Do not bring pets to the park
  • Keep a clean and orderly camp and store garbage, food and toiletries away from sleeping areas.
  • Dispose of dish washer far away from camp

If you see a wolf acting aggressive or unafraid

  • Raise your arms and wave them in the air to make yourself appear larger
  • Back away slowly, do not turn your back to the wolf
  • Make noise, throw sticks, rocks and sand at the wolf

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