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Victoria microbrewery making a beer for dogs

A microbrewery in Victoria is looking to break into the four-legged market.

The Moon Under Water brewery, known for its take on classic German beers, is debuting a grog for dogs. The still-unnamed beverage is made from malted barley, but contains no carbonation or alcohol.

"It's the same process, but all the fun things in beer are taken out," said Clay Potter, the outfit's brewmaster.

Instead, Potter is adding chicken stock, salmon oil and glucosamine to promote healthy fur and joints.

"It's basically liquid dog food," Potter said.

"It has huge potential in a market like Victoria where people love to spoil their pets and have already embraced the craft beer culture," said Chelsea Walker, who co-owns the brewery with Potter. "I was already making dog biscuits from our leftover brewing grains, then we started looking at more ways to use by-products from the brewing process."

Chelsea and Clay's dog, Brew, inspired the couple's foray into canine consumables.

"My dog loves beer," Potter said. "He's always trying to lap it up, but I don't think people realize how bad beer is for dogs."

Potter considered using Brew as a taste tester, but figured he lacked the discerning taste necessary for the job. Instead, he's been consulting with local vets and has recruited a group of "fancy, picky dogs" from a local trainer to give feedback.

Potter and Walker will be holding a launch party for their dog beer Aug. 10. All proceeds from the event will go to support Broken Promises Rescue.

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