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Victoria cyclist injured by 'stupid prank'

Sterling Eyford nearly severed his spine and now has five titanium plates holding his jaw together, all because someone thought it would be funny to string electrical tape across Kings Road in Victoria.

Eyford, 34, was cycling to work Friday morning when he collided with the tape. He was thrown off his bike and landed on the road.

"I took the whole force of it  on my chin," he said.

His jaw shattered in two places. He lost a tooth. He hyperextended his neck. He has minor neurological damage in his hands and arms, and will be eating through a straw for weeks.

"I pushed my spinal cord as far as it could go without being severed," he said. "I feel lucky. It could have been so much worse."

Eyford works as a casual producer for CBC, and says the "stupid prank" will cost him weeks of work and put undue stress on his family.

"I have two little girls at home," he said. "I can't even pick my kids up right now."

According to the VicPD, the black tape was strung on an angle between two traffic signs on Kings Road. It's not clear why the tape was there, or whether it was an intentional attempt to target cyclists or motorists.

Police are appealing to the public for help identifying possible suspects.

"I hope the whole weight of the law falls on these people," Eyford said. "But I also want them to realize they did something extremely stupid and extremely violent.

"They attacked me."

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