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Video: Climbers scale Canada's 'Big Lonely Doug'

For a few hours last month Big Lonely Doug was a little less lonely.

On may 25, a group of climbers and environmentalists scaled the giant tree, which was confirmed as Canada's second-largest Douglas Fir earlier this year.

"It’s a humbling experience exploring the tops of centuries-old trees and in a place no human has been before. I hope the novel images that come from this initiative to climb and document the largest trees and grandest groves in B.C. will help to raise awareness... about these highly endangered ecosystems," said T.J. Watt of the Ancient Forest Alliance.

While atop the tree, the climbers conducted additional measurements, pegging Doug's height at 66 metres. That's four metres less than the original estimate.

"However, Big Lonely Doug still remains as the second-largest Douglas Fir tree in Canada in total size," the group said in a statement.

Soil and moss samples from the fir's canopy were also taken, and will be tested for new species of insects.

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