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Artificial lawns gaining ground in Windsor neighbourhoods

If you’re wondering how your neighbours are keeping their lawns lush, green and perfect while yours resembles a rainforest, take a closer look. It’s probably plastic.

Synthetic lawns, used mostly in commercial areas and putting fields, seems to have migrated into people’s front yards. According to Casey Rounding, owner of A Water Free Lawn and Windsor-Essex County’s authorized dealer for Mirage Waterless Grass and Mirage Putting Greens, the idea has really been catching on amongst homeowners the past few months.

“They are popping up more and more here,” he said. “Every tiny neighbourhood, you’ll see one or two houses with it.”

Rounding says they’ve received an overwhelming amount of calls for quotes, with about 80 per cent of the calls from homeowners.

“I would say the big inquiry comes from the homeowners,” he said. “We get the same frustrations: fertilizers aren’t doing what they used to do, I’ve got grubs eating my grass, I’ve got animals, they pee on it, we sod it every single year.”

One specific group Rounding says are most interested are pet-owners who have trouble keeping their grass growing and want to find something easy to clean. Since it’s made of polyethylene, which doesn’t absorb moisture, pet-owners can easily cleanup their lawns by just hosing it down.

But what stumps most people is the cost. An artificial lawn costs almost double the price of a traditional one. A 600-sq. ft. lawn with sod and sprinkle system would cost around $2,800 to $3,300, but a synthetic lawn of that size would cost between $5,000 to $6,000, according to Rounding.

However, Rounding says after the initial splurge, homeowners actually end up saving from the cost of water, purchasing lawnmowers, sprinkler systems and fertilizers to maintain the lawn.

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