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Windsor has a basketball team, now what do we name it?

A recent announcement that Windsor will be getting a pro basketball team has raised a few questions about logistics.

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada) announced Thursday it has approved Windsor's expansion bit for the 2012-2013 season, making Windsor home to the eighth team in the league.

However, there are a few details about the new team that remain unclear.

Most pressing is the team name. Anthony Bennett, the league's executive assistant, said team management is thinking of holding a contest to pick a name.

But that raises another question: who exactly is managing the team?

Bennett said the league is planning on scheduling a press conference sometime in the next few weeks to introduce the team management. He also confirmed they are a group of business owners from Detroit.

The third issue is where the team will play. Bennett said the league's CEO, Andre Levingston, is working with Mayor Eddie Francis to determine a venue.

Windsor has a long history of basketball. At the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, Canada's team was mostly made up of players from Windsor.

The city also briefly had a team in the now defunct Ontario Professional Basketball Association.

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