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Stephen Colbert slams Windsor again, calls city 'Earth's rectum'

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In his latest book, comedian Stephen Colbert gives a wag of the finger to the City of Roses.

The book, entitled America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, contains a section about renewable energies and geothermal power.

"Before we can harness geothermal power, we have to take the planet's temperature with a geothermometer," reads the passage. "And I have no idea where the Earth's rectum is!"

A footnote on the latter sentence suggests "Windsor, Canada" as a possible location.

This isn't the first time the Comedy Central host has taken a swipe at Windsor. A 2007 segment on his show listed the city as one of the worst places on Earth.

City spokesperson Jason Moore questioned whether Colbert had ever been to Windsor, but declined to offer further comment.

Upon hearing the news, Aaron Binder, a.k.a. @WindsorYes, referred to Colbert as "the father of lies," and called his fans a "throng of cretins."

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