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Joe Rogan questions the Windsor Hum

Joe Rogan wants to know whether the Windsor Hum is part of a vast U.S. plot to control the world's weather.

The former Fear Factor host was in town recently, filming for his new Syfy show Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Full of quick cuts and ominous music, the episode features Rogan interviewing local residents and travelling to Zug Island in search of the infamous Windsor Hum.

"I feel kind of gross. Maybe it's just in my head, but I don't feel good," Rogan says upon arrival on the island.

Rogan spends most of the episode asking whether the Hum is linked to HAARP, a U.S. communications research project that conspiracy theorists have called everything from a mind control device to an earthquake machine.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn't come to any definitive conclusion.

First noticed in 2009, the Windsor Hum is under investigation by local scientists and the International Joint Commission. A full report is forthcoming, but most evidence suggests the noise is caused by industrial activity on Zug Island.

Watch the episode yourself below. The segment on the hum starts at 19:54.

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