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Penis-shaped bush gets trimmed in Windsor

The Windsor parks department was forced to deal with the handiwork of a penile prankster on Wednesday.

Someone took it upon themselves to shape one of the bushes along the riverfront into a rather recognizable, albeit inappropriate shape.

Photos of the phallic shrub first surfaced on a local blog, and city staff were alerted to its presence by the media. A work crew was dispatched immediately to circumcise it.

Parks director John Miceli said this is the first case he can recall where vandals have targeted municipal shrubbery.

"Whoever the individual was is quite talented, to be honest," he said.

It's unclear when exactly the bush was vandalized, but Miceli suspects it may have been as recent as Wednesday morning.

"Something like this might offend people, but no one called to report it," he said.

If the lewd landscaper is caught, Miceli said they could be charged with destroying municipal property.

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