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Hello, 'Swaggerville'

Blue Bombers fans are a mysterious breed of people: They're passionate, dedicated and even when the CFL team's losing, fan support remains.

But today, their team is on top and Winnipeg fans are truly in “Swaggerville.”

Some fans feel the Bombers' position at the top of the CFL unites the city and has a positive effect outside the stadium's walls.

“I feel like sports can really bring a community together, especially when they are winning,” said Bombers fan Katie Doerksen. “I feel like it brings such a sense of community and pride in our city and in our team.”

In Doerksen's opinion the reason why the Bombers have such a strong base is because of the city's overall attitude.

“Even when a team isn't winning it can still bring a community together to support them through thick or thin,” she said.

“I think it's a reflection of the kind of people we have living here in Winnipeg.”

“It's nice to finally have some bragging rights,” said fan Steven Hurst. “We've had good years in the past, but they were tainted by crucial injuries. It seems like it's our year.”

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