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Poverty 'ignored' in election: SPC

A social agency in Manitoba is urging the federal and provincial governments and the public to respond to the needs of children in the province who live in poverty.

The Social Planning Council (SPC) of Winnipeg said current child and family poverty rates are similar to those that existed 22 years ago when Parliament unanimously resolved to end child poverty by the year 2000.

Sid Frankel, an SPC board member and University of Manitoba professor of social work, said the agency is “alarmed” poverty hasn't become a major provincial election issue.

“All Manitobans, all Canadians, all governments should want to do the morally right thing,” Frankel said, adding poverty-reduction efforts aid in reducing overall health-care and social program costs over the long-term.

“We want to see targets and timelines set for reducing child and family poverty,” Frankel said.

In terms of provincial welfare rates, the SPC said they need to be adjusted for inflation to the present value of rates in 1992.

Frankel also appeared to take a shot at the provincial NDP government by invoking the party's ‘moving forward' election slogan.

“Unfortunately, we're here saying that we want it to be as good in 1992. In Manitoba, apparently moving forward is moving back.

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