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Manitobans still the most generous: Report

For the 13th year in a row, Manitobans continue to be Canada's most generous charitable donators.

The 2011 Generosity Index annual report published by the Fraser Institute shows 26 per cent of Manitoba taxpayers gave to a registered charity in 2009, and had the highest percentage of total income donated at 0.89 per cent.

However, Manitoba and the rest of Canada have some catching up to do as our neighbours to the south seem to be more willing to give their hard-earned cash to charities.

On average, 26.6 per cent of Americans donate to registered charities, while 23 per cent of Canadians do the same. Utah was the most generous, with 33.4 per cent of tax filers donating 3.09 per cent of their total income.

“By comparing the share of tax filers making charitable donations and the share of income donated to charities across North American jurisdictions, our report reveals a significant generosity gap between Canadians and Americans,” said Charles Lammam, Fraser Institute senior policy analyst and co-author of the report.

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