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Students say no way to budget cuts

University of Winnipeg president Dr. Lloyd Axworthy was out of town during a noon-hour protest Wednesday against possible cuts in the school's upcoming budget, but he'll know they were there.

A large group of chanting demonstrators stormed administrative offices in Wesley Hall and slid placards under his locked office door following a demonstration outside.

"He can't ignore it," said 21-year-old second-year sociology major Arista Petkau, 21, minutes after helping shove signs under the door.

Axworthy is in Churchill until Friday taking part in a pre-scheduled conference.

Petkau joined the demonstration of around 200 people because she's worried about cuts she's heard are coming to the school's faculty of arts, including the sociology department.

"I'm terrified.… How can I complete a degree with 12 less courses?" she asked. "All we're really hoping for is that the current existing faculty have their contracts renewed."

University spokesperson Diane Poulin said the budget process is not expected to be complete until June and wouldn't comment on the possibility of cuts.

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