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Local indie label celebrates a decade of rocking out

Local label Transistor 66 celebrates a decade of rock ’n’ roll releases with a trio of live birthday shows.

The T66 Rock ’n’ Roll Weekender starts tonight at Club 60 and continues at The Park Theatre Friday and Saturday.

Night One is highlighted by local rockers The Vibrating Beds, Friday is headlined by Bloodshot Bill and Miesha and the Spanks cap off the birthday bash on Saturday.

The latter, a Calgary rock duo, has had some bad Winnipeg luck of late. Their last show here was moved to a smaller venue because of a water-main break at the Royal Albert Arms and a blizzard prevented its previous ’Peg City gig.

“This show is definitely happening,” says singer/guitarist Miesha Louie.

“We’re getting there a night early to play on CKUW, so there’s room for error if something goes crazily wrong.”

Still, sometimes everything goes right. Miesha and the Spanks’ last tour was opening for CanRock legends C’mon.

“That was our favourite touring experience,” Louie says.

“I’ve looked up to Ian (Blurton, C’mon frontman) for a long time. We’re both huge C’mon fans, so getting to be on their farewell tour was just unreal. Their crowds are crazy and so huge and we got to play to them.”

Speaking of crazy, Montreal rockabilly musician and one-man band Bloodshot Bill wears pyjamas onstage, has his own brand of pomade (Bloodshot Bill’s Nice ’N’ Greasy) and, until recently, he was banned in the United States.

Keeping it silly, his new seven-inch Out The Door features a track titled Dégueu Burger.

“There’s this bowling alley out in the South Shore of Montreal called 300 Au Max and they introduced a new burger called Le Dégueu Burger, which means ‘the disgusting burger’,” Bloodshot says.

“They asked me to be the Colonel Sanders of the burger and help them get the word out, so I made a song for it.

He also made a video which features Bloodshot doing his best Jughead Jones.

“Usually when you’re eating on film, you’re supposed to spit the food out between takes, but I ate everything,” Bloodshot says.

“It was really disgusting, actually. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat 10 burgers.”

Tickets for tonight’s T66 show are $5 at the door. Tickets for Friday and Saturday’s show are $10 at Music Trader, Into the Music and The Park Theatre or $15 at the door.

Showtimes are 10 p.m., 9 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively.

Go to for full band listings and venue information.

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